LOOKFANTASTIC Christmas Gift Guide 2023

FOR YOUR NEW YEAR’S EVE ENTRANCE... Stand out in the crowd with SILKE London’s Heatless Curler £42, creating big, bouncy curls while resisting heat damage. Crafted from 100% silk fibres. Christine Sotiriou, CEO and co-founder of SILKE London, says: “Take a section from the front, wrap once around and then add another section from the back. Pull the hair tight each time so the curler is secured close to your head.” FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY... The Mermade Hair Blow Dry Brush £69* combines the benefits of a hairdryer with the volumising power of a round brush, creating a bouncy mane that’s ready to take winter head on. Chanel Beck, hairstylist at Mermade Hair, says: “Ensure your hair is 80% dry. Smoothing out your roots, pulling upward for added volume. Once your roots are dry and voluminous, move on to the ends of your hair for a long-lasting, salon-quality blowout!” *Accessories sold separately onsite. STYLING & TOOLS