LOOKFANTASTIC Christmas Gift Guide 2023

HAIR DOWN let your Give the gift of salon-worthy locks, as two expert hairstylists reveal how to use our favourite BaByliss styling tools ADVERTORIAL FOR FLAWLESS WAVES Paul Percival, global brand ambassador for BaByliss, says: “The first time you use the Wave Secret Air Hair Waver, set it to the lowest heat setting, then wave a section of hair and repeat on each heat setting. This will show you very quickly which heat is best for your hair.” Styling tip: “Remember – where you close the device on the section of hair is where the wave will start from. I like waves to start around eye level, so I clamp it there on each section.” FOR SLEEK & STRAIGHT Paul says: “Set the Super Styler Hair Straightener to a medium heat and first see how well this heat smoothens your hair. Reduce or increase the heat as needed – the ceramic plates are so effective, you don’t necessarily need one of the hotter settings.” Styling tip: “To maintain a poker-straight finish, don’t tie the hair back or tuck behind your ears until the hair is cool! For extra gloss, mist a shine spray onto a larger brush and smooth from roots to ends.” BABYLISS Super Styler Hair Straightener £125 BABYLISS Wave Secret Air Hair Waver £150