The Highlight by LOOKFANTASTIC: Jul/Aug 2022

multi-ethnic consumers’ monthly spend is £230m, yet it has taken the past decade for brands to launch more diverse ranges and market products inclusively. There has been a definite shift in mentality. Brands are launching products with a broader spectrum in mind, with more shades and greater consideration of skin types and tones. That’s not to say we don’t have some way to go but given the choice I have now compared to back then, you can see progress made. Now, I don’t really get the dreaded fear when a foundation launches. I have my pick of sunscreens that blend into my skin seamlessly and more choice than ever for haircare. It makes me hopeful for the future of beauty. “If I were to pick one quote that summarises the start of my time in the beauty industry, it would be ‘more shades are coming soon’” 3/ MAYBELLINE Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer in shade 10 6.8ml / £8.99 4/ ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Luminous Foundation in shade 490W 30ml / £43 3 4 BLACK BEAUTY