The Highlight by LOOKFANTASTIC: Jul/Aug 2022

T E A M L E T T E R MEET THE FACES BEHIND THIS ISSUE OF THE HIGHLIGHT. . . MILLIE MACKINTOSH This breastfeeding awareness month, Made In Chelsea alumna Millie Mackintosh discusses the importance of ending the stigma around feeding choices on page 72, insisting: “I support all mothers, however they want to feed their babies.” ZARA JACKSON Influencer Zara Jackson shares her story about living with alopecia, and reveals: “The biggest challenge behind losing your hair is that you are losing your identity.” Read more about how hair loss paved her journey to selfacceptance on page 32. CHARLIE KING Former TOWIE star Charlie King opens the conversation about body dysmorphia in men. “There’s a stigma around it because you think you’re going to be seen as self-obsessed and all about your image, but it’s an anxiety disorder,” he says. Turn to page 78 to read his story. Get 22% off your beauty staples at LOOKFANTASTIC.COM when you use the code: HIGHLIGHT22