The Highlight by LOOKFANTASTIC: Jul/Aug 2022

LAURA MERCIER Pure Canvas Protecting Primer SPF30 50ml / £34 from damaging UV rays,” adds Scott Evans, commercial education manager of care and style at System Professional. “UV rays penetrate the hair’s core and damage the keratin, making it weak, dry, brittle and tangled. They also have a bleaching effect on natural and colour-treated hair.” He explains: “Hair suncare is much more refined. It focuses on protecting the hair from the detrimental effects of the sun while allowing hair to look healthy, light and shiny at the same time.” Key ingredients to look out for? Keratin-infused products will promote smoother, silkier locks, and restore any damaged caused by UV rays. With multi-purpose formulas making it easier than ever to incorporate suncare into our regimes, SPF is the new non-negotiable all year round. SUMMER BEAUTY