The Highlight by LOOKFANTASTIC: Jul/Aug 2022

“I suffered from mastitis (an infection of the breast tissue, common in feeding mothers). My nipples “I don’t think I was prepared for how hard it was going to be” completely blistered and started bleeding. I was in so much pain. I reached out to other mums on social media and I was overwhelmed with the amount of lovely messages and suggestions I received. But there was also an undertone of pressure I felt to just keep going.” Often confronted with the adage “breast is best”, the guilt associated with giving up breastfeeding is far from uncommon. “Unfortunately, we hear this a lot,” says Vikki Davies, breastfeeding peer supporter at Breastfeeding Together. “Women feel they’ve ‘failed’, but if they’ve done all they can, and have made the best-informed decision, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.” MOTHER AND BABY