The Highlight by LOOKFANTASTIC: Jul/Aug 2022

“Getting on to TOWIE made me become very aware about what was deemed attractive” LF LOCKER ROOM aware about what was deemed attractive, and I wanted to embark on a fitness routine,” reveals Charlie. “Initially, the journey was normal. It wasn’t obsessive. But as I started the TV life, while struggling with my sexuality, my mindset changed.” Over-training, disordered eating, steroid abuse, mood swings and significant stress over missed workouts are some of the telltale symptoms of MD. “Body-building gyms are a breeding ground for it,” explains Kitty. “Because I had good results, I then wanted amazing results,” says Charlie. “Guys would encourage me to take testosterone to get even bigger. I fell into a cycle of being unable to enjoy myself.” Social media has become a factor in body image comparison. “There needs be more awareness around the damage it can do, and the reality behind filtered images,” he says. “People are comparing themselves to someone who’s probably got all the supplements