Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

NARS’ national events manager and lead UK artist Rachel Hardie reveals all you need for an out-of-this-world glow ADVERTORIAL L I F E O N CLIMAX MASCARA IN EXPLICIT BLACK Impart lashes with gravity-defying volume, with innovative Lash Moisture Complex to condition from root to tip. Rachel says: “Chunky lashes are one of my favourite trends. I love to build a few coats then pinch together while tacky.” 6 G / £ 2 3 . 5 0 RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER IN TOFFEE Fortified with innovative light-diffusing technology, this hydrating concealer offers cosmic coverage, gently melting into skin. Rachel says: “My desert island must-have! I use a yellow base to counteract redness and peach tones to brighten.” 6 M L / £ 2 5 BLUSH IN ORGASM This award-winning blush sweeps skin with shimmering pigments, highlighting cheeks with a silky pink glow. Rachel says: “I love to press a little on top of a bold lip to give extra dimension. The gold flecks give a futuristic mood.” 4 . 8 G / £ 2 7. 5 0