Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

puffy under-eye circles and providing skin with that all-important boost over time.” Simone also adds that applying caffeine- rich products to your hair can help with moisture retention, reducing frizz and even hair loss. “Used with local application, in moderation, caffeine is known to help promote hair growth by targeting DHT, the sex hormones responsible for hair loss,” she explains. So, is the jury out on your cup of java? Not completely. Simone explains that caffeine effects can vary between individuals and encourages minimising caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee in the morning, stressing there’s no need to go cold turkey. Caffeine in your daily beauty regime, on the other hand, gets the green light from Simone. “Good health starts from within, so using caffeine-infused products could have a long-term, beneficial impact on our appearance, such as the condition of our hair and skin and our overall wellbeing,” she says. Now, pass us the beans. “Caffeine-infused skincare products aid the reduction of puffy under-eye circles and provide skin with that all-important boost” HEALTH & WELLNESS