Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

T E A M L E T T E R MEET THE FACES BEHIND THIS ISSUE OF THE HIGHLIGHT. . . JAMES ATKINSON Content creator and presenter James Atkinson takes us on his eczema journey: “You’ve got these mad red bits on your skin that no one else has got, and that’s YOUR thing.” Read more on page 74. SASKIA CALLISTE Author of Hairvolution , Saskia Calliste shares the history of Black hairstyles on page 55 and reflects on the significance of her roots: “[My hair] means everything because of the power it holds, the power it’s displayed throughout history.” STEF WILLIAMS Fitness influencer, trainer and brand founder Stef Williams (aka Stef Fit) on balancing beauty with the gym: ‘I’ve always played sport from a young age, sweat has always been such a normal part of life. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.’ Hear how makeup-free gym sessions have given her confidence on page 32 Get 22% off your beauty staples at LOOKFANTASTIC.COM when you use the code: HIGHLIGHT22