Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

“I mentally couldn’t face going anywhere with my face – it was bright red and burning! But also, physically, I was drained” LF LOCKER ROOM SKIN SOOTHERS 4/ SALCURA Bioskin Face Wa sh 150ml / £12.99 2/ BABOR Doctor Neuro Sen sitive Intensive Calming Cream 50ml / £60 1/ AVÈNE XeraCalm A.D. Lipid- Replenishing Balm Mois turiser for Dry, Itchy Skin 200ml / £18.50 3/ BIODERMA Atoderm Moisturi ser Sensitive Skin 500ml / £19 “You’ve got these mad red bits on your skin that no one else has got, and that’s YOUR thing.” His ongoing eczema journey has equipped him with a wealth of advice: “Whatever you’re feeling, you’re totally valid to feel. Don’t let anyone trivialise it.” James also believes it’s important for men to know there’s help out there. “Go and see your GP,” he reassures. “Don’t take no for an answer. Keep going back until you get that referral or see someone who’s a specialist.”