The Highlight Issue 12 'Brighter Days Ahead'

If you choose to whiten your teeth professionally, always follow the aftercare advice. “It is advisable to reduce your intake of black tea, coffee and red wine during the whitening duration,” Dr Kinsella explains. Her top tip for avoiding a dental disaster? “Patients often want immediate and affordable results without taking the time to make an informed decision about their treatment choices,” she says. “When opting for a treatment that is suspiciously affordable, ask yourself what is being compromised in the treatment process. You want to ensure that you are visiting a practice where your dental professional puts you at ease with the highest health and safety regulations.” 1 / “Have a face-to-face consultation where the dentist thoroughly assesses your teeth.” 2 / “Discuss treatment options, and have the risks and benefits explained to you.” 3 / “Be fully aware of the cost beforehand and ensure there’s no pressure to go ahead with treatment.” 4 / “Ask for a portfolio of the dentist’s work, either in the practice or on social media.” 5 / “Ensure to have a review appointment to check you are happy with everything.” whitening DR MAWSON’S PEARLS OF WISDOM