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JUNE 2022 1 JUNE 2022 Oh la la! The French inspired lineup you’ll get to unbox Tips and tricks French skincare hacks to get you a glowing complexion Summer escape essentials The modern manicure How to add a twist to your talons this summer The perfect companions for any trip

JUNE 2022 2 CONTENTS EDITOR’S LETTER Welcome to the summer of endless possibilities! 03 04 06 11 14 17 25 C O N T R I B U T O R S Emily Cotton, Emma Carney, Charlie McDonnell, Grace Walker, Ilyanoor Creer, Paige Sexton, Emily Gill, Ellie Horrocks, Sam Jenkinson STORY BEHIND JUNE ’S BOX Dreaming of the ideal summer escape... OUR SUMMER RENDEZVOUS FULL REVEAL The elegantly chic lineup you’ll discover this month... SUMMER ESCAPE ESSENTIALS The travel-sized holiday heroes you need in your carry on... THE MODERN MANICURE SKINCARE HACKS How to add a twist to a classic French manicure this summer Must know French tips and tricks for a glowing complexion SNEAK PEEK What do we have planned for July? TAP THAT! TO SHOP OR DISCOVER MORE , TAP THE ICONS WHI LE YOU READ! PLAY VIDEO ADD TO CART READ MORE FOLLOW

JUNE 2022 3 Dreaming of spontaneous summer adventures? We are! Following the French motto ‘joie de vivre’, we can’t wait to thrive over the next few months living life to its fullest. At Glossy HQ, we’re lusting after warm days soaking up the sun, long evenings with friends watching day turn to night, and when possible, last minute escapes to glorious destinations further afield. The top of our to-go list right now? The French Riviera! Which is exactly where the inspiration for this month’s edit has come from. Flick through the pages of this month’s digital magazine to learn so much more - from the French inspired products you’ll unbox this month, to our most lusted after travel companions for any continent! Beauty Editor FROM THE EDITOR


JUNE 2022 5 The month of June marks the start of a summer of endless possibilities! Notoriously known for being the time to embrace full spontaneity, we can’t wait to explore life’s greatest adventures. In this month’s edit, we’ve provided you with five beauty treats to prep you for days soaking in the sun as well as pristine summer nights. Dream yourself away to the beautiful French Riviera and experiment with lustrous makeup and skincare goodies - all thanks to this stunning lineup worth over £80. Plus, at least two of the summer essentials you’ll unbox will be full sized too! To find out more about this month’s theme, be sure to read our June Story Behind The Box blog...


JUNE 2022 7 RRP / Deluxe mini 2.2g worth £8. Full size 68g RRP £24* Shop / DELUXE SIZE DELUXE SIZE Made with natural origin ingredients, this hand cream is enriched with 20% organic shea butter as well as argan and coconut oils. Super smoothing, the balm penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise hands. And this perfect travel-sized essential is ideal for looking after your hand health on the go! Shea Butter Hand Cream​ L’OCCITANE​ @loccitane_uk_ire @loccitane_uk Get sun-kissed skin with serious staying powder! Infused with bamboo extract and vitamin E, this Bamboo Bronzer has been formulated with ultra-fine pigments to create a weightless, natural looking, second-skin finish without any talc. Bamboo Bronzer​ RRP / Deluxe mini 30ml worth £8. Full size 150ml RRP £22* Shop / CIATE Want to know more about the nourishing benefits of this hand cream? Read our first June sneak peek blog! Find out how to get your glow on with this bronzer by reading our second June sneak peek blog! @ciatelondon EVERY GLOSSY GETS ONE OF THESE FOUR BEAUTY BUYS

JUNE 2022 8 RRP / £59.99* Shop / RRP / £2.95* Shop / FULL SIZE In a travel-friendly tube, this limited edition moisturiser contains one of the best forms of vitamin C! This, combined with hydration-boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, argan oil and rose oil, aims to brighten uneven skin tone and re-plump tired, dehydrated looking skin. Vitamin C Night Moisturiser​ DR. EVE_RYOUTH​ Packed with 90% natural ingredients, this gentle soap gives you a super refreshing lemon grass clean. The result? It’ll leave your skin refreshed and supple! Lemon Grass Soap GREENFROG BOTANIC FULL SIZE @greenfrogbotanic @dr.eve_ryouth @dreveryouth @dr.everyouth

JUNE 2022 9 RRP / Deluxe mini 30ml worth £10. Full size 50ml RRP £40* Shop / DELUXE SIZE This super-perfecting day cream corrects skin in real time and instantly boosts long-term radiance for naturally beautiful skin. Its super-skin boosting complex combines an energising oxygenation booster and plumping and smoothing hyaluronic acid to reveal flawless skin day after day. Oxygen-Glow Cream​ FILORGA Formulated for normal-to-dry skin types (but perfect for all beauty lovers!), this skincare routine essential deeply cleanses pores while also helping to condition skin. Your complexion will feel perfectly cleaned, hydrated and comfortable after use. purity 3-in-1 facial cleanser PHILOSOPHY DELUXE SIZE RRP / Deluxe mini 30ml worth £6. Full size 220ml RRP £21* Shop / @philosophyuk @filorga_uk @filorgauk PLUS ONE OF THESE THREE MUST-TRIES...

JUNE 2022 10 RRP / £6* Shop / FULL SIZE Experience the ultimate VIP treatment with these luxury gold eye masks! Smoothing puffy eyes and wrinkles with an impressive combination of potent ingredients, expect dramatic results in just 15 minutes. Your under eyes will look reborn! VIP The Gold Mask Eye STARSKIN @starskinbeauty

JUNE 2022 11 The travel-sized holiday heroes you need in your carry on... Wherever you’re looking to escape to travel wise this summer, keeping your luggage to a minimum (and saving yourself a fair few pennies!) is a must. But, just because our hand luggage can only hold 10 liquid beauty buys each under 100ml, doesn’t mean our regime has to take a hit. These are our favourite travel-sized minis right now, that are perfect for your carry on… Long day out exploring a new city? This shampoo transforms dry, dull hair types, effectively ridding hair of dirt, sweat, oil and pollution. Your locks will be left feeling silky-soft and have an advanced shine! Has keeping your hair out of your eyes with your fave big brimmed hat left your locks feeling flat? This conditioner promotes a bouncy, full-bodied appearance by offering optimum volumising, all whilst helping to protect hair from everyday stressors, colour fading and breakages too. Living Proof PhD Shampoo Living Proof Full Conditioner RRP £12* RRP £12* SUMMER ESCAPE ESSENTIALS

JUNE 2022 12 This heat protection spray nourishes from root to tip! Not only does it form a defensive barrier against the damage caused by styling tools, it also softens strands, replenishes moisture and tames frizz for a healthy, smooth and sleek finish - ideal when you’re sure to be sunning yourself all day. Whether you’re at home or abroad, protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with SPF. As well as offering 30 times your skin’s natural protection, preventing burning and the premature ageing effects of UVA/UVB rays, this sunscreen also helps maintain your skin’s moisture levels during sun exposure to keep your skin both protected and comfortable. Dissolving excess oil, dirt and debris with a blend of squalane, vitamin E and avocado oil, this cleanser helps to nourish and hydrate. Added apricot kernel oil acts as a gentle exfoliator too; meaning your skin will be glowing in no time at all. Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer Garnier Ambre Solaire Ultra-Hydrating Sun Cream SPF 30 Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser RRP £12* RRP £5.20* RRP £9.75*

JUNE 2022 13 If a minimal makeup look that involves sheer coverage is your go-to whilst on holiday, look no further than this tinted moisturiser. Creamy and blendable, it creates a smoothing veil that locks in non-greasy hydration, camouflages imperfections and protects against UV damage. And, infused with oil-absorbing powders, this skin-perfector offers a demi-matte effect for shine control too. No look is complete without bold brows… So tame, tint and fully define yours with a gel that seriously won’t budge. With a custom tapered brush and microfibreenriched formula (that’s water-resistant too!), this tinted gel deposits tiny fibres that adhere to skin and hairs to give brows an instantly fuller appearance. Nobody wants panda eyes by the pool, therefore a waterproof mascara is a must. And one that can take you from beach to bar with ease is even better! Completely waterproof, it delivers maximum coverage, lifting, curling and volumising - all thanks to its innovative brush that mimics the ripples of a wave. Coating every lash to inspire a fluttery, fanned-out effect, your peepers will look their very best from dawn to dusk. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free Natural Skin Perfector benefit Gimme Brow+ Mini Gel Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara RRP £19* RRP £13* RRP £19*

JUNE 2022 14 We’re all familiar with the beautiful French manicure – the nail design with the delicate, white tips? As much as we adore this classic mani, why not jazz it up a bit and add a holiday twist? First off, how do you create the French manicure look yourself? THE MODERN MANICURE How to add a twist to a classic French manicure this summer

JUNE 2022 15 As with any nail makeover, prepping your nails is always a first. We recommend soaking your hands in a bowl of warm water to start. This will help remove any excess oils and dry skin to maintain your manicure. Once you’ve finished pre-soaking, now it’s time to shape them. Although French manicures can have any nail shape or length, almond or short square shapes suit the style best. Before you get started on applying some polish, give your nails a gentle buff too. Once you’ve done all the prepping, now it’s time to apply a good base coat! This step is essential for a French manicure as your natural nails will be on show, so you want everything to look even and smooth. Let it dry and we can begin the fun part! PREP YOUR NAILS APPLY A BASE COAT Step One Step Two

JUNE 2022 16 To recreate the iconic French manicure, you’re going to firstly need some white nail polish. Start by resting your finger on a flat, sturdy surface. Tilting your finger to one side, start the application from the points of growth, and create a curved, smile line towards the free edge. Now do that again, but on the other side. The two curves should join at the middle of the free edge, creating the famous white tips! By applying a coat of colour over your nails, this will help blend all the colours together and hide any imperfections. Go for a natural, sheer pink shade for a more natural look. Once you’ve finished all the steps above, seal your nail polish with a layer of topcoat. And voila! Once it is dried your French manicure is complete and you’re ready to show your new nails off to the world! PAINTING THE TIPS OF YOUR NAILS APPLY A NEUTRAL COAT OF OVER-TOP NAIL POLISH FINISH WITH A TOPCOAT! Step Three Step Four Step Five

JUNE 2022 17 Now that we know how to recreate the classic nail look ourselves, it’s time to think of ways to mix it up a bit for summer! We can never get tired of gorgeous flowers! To achieve this look, alternate between colours for the French mani tip. Once dried, paint some delicate flowers over the top. You could even add some gems to the centre of the flowers for some sparkle! MARVELLOUS MARBLE FLORAL FANTASIES WI TH A SUMMER TWIST FRENCH MANICURES For this design, you’ll need a toothpick as well as two complimenting nail polish colours. Follow steps one to three above with one of your nail polishes. But, before it dries, apply generous drops of your second colour. Now, using the toothpick, drag the second colour through the first layer to create the marble effect!

JUNE 2022 18 This is definitely for the ambitious nail pro! After applying the first white tip, let this dry before applying additional coats. Then, using a very steady hand and a thin brush, apply curved strokes with your brightest colours on each side of your nail. Repeat multiple times, swapping out your colours until you fill the nail tips. ELEGANT SWIRLS SUMMER BRIGHTS Perfect if you want to keep it minimal yet elegant. Swap out the white nail polish for a pastel blue shade for a subtle pop of colour. Couple up with another colour of your choice and create some swirls across your nails! You can go any direction you want depending on what you fancy.

JUNE 2022 19 Skincare rituals are vastly different from culture to culture, but the French seem to be doing something particularly right. Unlike me, the French don’t have a bathroom cabinet filled with hundreds of skincare products; they choose quality over quantity and they don’t get distracted by all the new trends! A good skincare routine for a French girl will involve cleansing, moisturising, and applying an SPF – so simple! But what French skincare tips and tricks do we want to try for ourselves? FRENCH SKINCARE HACKS Must know tips and tricks for a glowing complexion by Grace Walker

JUNE 2022 20 It’s no secret that we all love Micellar water – did you know, it’s actually been nicknamed ‘France’s best-kept secret’? It originated in Paris in the 90s, and has since been the key skincare ingredient for many French residents. Micellar water contains tiny micelles which dissolve impurities on the skin like dirt, oil and makeup. MISCELLAR WATER IS A MUST HAVE

JUNE 2022 21 The French love a glass of vino (as much as us Brits!), and they have amazing skin! Is it a coincidence that they go hand in hand? Red wine especially is full of antioxidants which are anti-inflammatory, restore cells and help your skin produce collagen. We’re not saying to drink a bottle of red every day (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!), but the ingredients in red wine are known to improve your skin – so surely a glass of wine every now and again won’t hurt, right? RED WINE IS GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN

JUNE 2022 22 While we’re over here loving the idea of layering up our skincare, the French actually prefer the opposite; less is more. The less you overwhelm your skin, the better it will be. We all have a handful of products we want to use daily, but the point is, not to pile them all on your face at the same time – simple is key! MORE LESS IS

JUNE 2022 23 The French tend to exfoliate a lot less than we do; they recommend twice a week, maximum. They also use a more gentle exfoliator, such as an exfoliating cream with smaller beads in it, so it’s less harsh. This is because they would prefer to keep the skin’s microbiome balanced without stripping it of its healthy bacteria – again, this is why cleansing milk and micellar water are favoured! EXFOLIATION REDUCE THE

JUNE 2022 24 Let’s be honest, when we get a breakout, we immediately run to our skincare products to try and do whatever we can to get rid of it. However, the French have a slightly different approach! They believe that it’s better to let the skin heal on its own, rather than aggravating it with several different products that contain harsh chemicals. SKIN HEAL LET THE

JUNE 2022 25 Does anyone else chop and change their skincare routine? It’s so easy to think that a product isn’t working and to immediately change and try something else, but perhaps we should be more consistent, like the French? It’s a ritual to figure out what works best and stick with it. And, if they find a good skincare routine that works for them, that’s it, they won’t change it. CONSISTENT BE

JUNE 2022 26 So, now you know some of the best it’s time to shop! These are our favourites… Avène Les Essentiels Radiance Serum for Dull, Sensitive Skin RRP £24* Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil RRP £30* La RochePosay Micellar Solution Cleanser RRP £16.50* Lancôme Comfort Hydrating Gentle Sugar Scrub RRP £32* Caudalie Grape Water Pink Limited Edition RRP £11* La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clay Mask RRP £15* BEAUTY SECRETS FRENCH

JUNE 2022 27 Inspired by the beauty of the ocean and all that lays beneath it is our July ‘Dive In’ GLOSSYBOX! And, just like the deep blue sea, this stunning special design box is filled with new discoveries to be made... One we’re eager to share with you now is the amazing Gel Effect Polish from Nails.INC! In shade ‘Mayfair Square’, this nail colour is the perfect accessory to any summer outfit - whether you’re heading for a dip or not! We can’t wait to dive into a whole new world of beauty! SNEAK PEEK

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