GLOSSYBOX UK June 2022 Summer Rendezvous Digital Magazine

JUNE 2022 15 As with any nail makeover, prepping your nails is always a first. We recommend soaking your hands in a bowl of warm water to start. This will help remove any excess oils and dry skin to maintain your manicure. Once you’ve finished pre-soaking, now it’s time to shape them. Although French manicures can have any nail shape or length, almond or short square shapes suit the style best. Before you get started on applying some polish, give your nails a gentle buff too. Once you’ve done all the prepping, now it’s time to apply a good base coat! This step is essential for a French manicure as your natural nails will be on show, so you want everything to look even and smooth. Let it dry and we can begin the fun part! PREP YOUR NAILS APPLY A BASE COAT Step One Step Two