Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

“Sexual wellness is a crucial aspect of our emotional, physical and relational wellbeing,” explains Sarah Mulindwa, sex educator, sexual health nurse and presenter on Channel 4’s The Sex Clinic . “It relates to the quality of our relationships, how we feel in our skin and how confident we are with our sexuality.” To put it bluntly, sexual health is a pretty big deal, and with Google searches for ‘sexual wellness’ up by 182% in the last year * , it seems many of us need help with our homework. 1/ LELO Lyla 2 Sex Bullet Massage r with Sense Motion Technology £139 2/ LELO Ida Wave £179 ** ‘Google search data 2021-2022. F rom cartoon diagrams to condom-wearing cucumbers, sex ed has come a long way since our school days. But learning about intimate wellness shouldn’t have to end in the classroom... S U P E R S T I M U L A T I O N 1 2 SEXUAL WELLNESS