Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

Forget the myth that ‘safe sex = boring sex’. In fact, establishing consent and using protection improves trust and intimacy, making you feel more relaxed (and adventurous!) in the bedroom. “One of the main reasons for having sex with someone is to have a good time,” says Jess Wilde, sexpert at So Divine. “The only way to be sure everyone is enjoying themselves is to ask for consent, which should be informed and given freely and enthusiastically.” “Anticipation is a huge part of arousal. Taking time to put on a condom is a great way of building excitement,” explains Jess. “Some penile condoms are designed to enhance stimulation with tingly lube or are externally textured to enhance penetrative pleasure for the receiver.” Jess’s sexual wellness essential? “Lube is a must-have. It reduces friction, allowing you to play for longer without getting sore. It can also reduce the chances of creating microtears in sensitive areas which makes sex safer and more pleasurable.” “To crank things up, try a cooling, warming or tingling lube to play and discover a whole new realm of slippery fun!” S A F E T Y F I R S T SEXUAL WELLNESS