Issue Nine: Sep/Oct '22

According to Samantha Marshall, sexpert at Smile Makers: “Sexual experiences require some exploration, and vibrators are really good tour guides.” “Introducing sex toys into partner sex can enhance your sex lives together and create a whole new level of intimacy,” explains Samantha. “But solo sex, even when we have a partner, is completely normal and brilliant.” “Many vulva owners really enjoy clitoral stimulation, and 70% of us find we need it to reach orgasm. In a recent survey by Smile Makers, we discovered that people with vulvas who use vibrators are more sexually satisfied; more likely to consider sexual wellbeing important; know their body better and believe their partners do too.” So that’s what all the buzz is about... 3 4 5 G O O D V I B E S O N LY E R O T I C E S S E N T I A L S 3/ SMILE MAKERS The Artist £119.95 4/ SO DIVINE Orgasm Gel 100ml / £9. 99 5/ VUSH Rose 2 Vibrator £75 SEXUAL WELLNESS