The Highlight by LOOKFANTASTIC Nov/Dec 2022

nails healthy.” To counteract the cocktails, Chermaine suggests drinking water between alcoholic beverages and eating a protein-rich meal before you go out. Getting seven to nine hours of shut-eye over Christmas may seem less likely than seeing reindeer fly, but skipping your beauty sleep can take its toll. “Lack of sleep can impact hormones that play a key role in hair growth and hair loss prevention,” says Clarissa. If the FOMO (fear of missing out) is stopping you from leaving the party early, Clarissa advises prioritising quality sleep: “If you can’t get enough sleep, at least aim to make those few hours’ kip you do get good quality! Avoid alcohol two to three hours before bed, reduce blue light electronics use at night and cut off caffeine around 2pm.” FAACE Tired Face Mask 100ml / £27 S I L E N T N I G H T S LIFESTYLE